Trianglons Puzzles (aka Trigons)

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"Like sudoku on steroids. Massive, massive amounts of steroids." - Walter White

Trianglons is a program used to solve challenging math and logic problems [aka Trigons].
You can try 15 puzzles for free with the sample program.
If you subscribe to Trianglons, you can use the full program that currently has 710 different puzzles.
A subscription costs $5 for 3 months of access.
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How the puzzles work:
Fill in the numbers 0-6 in each triangle edge so that the numbers in the
three edges add up to the number in the middle. Since many of the edges
are shared with two triangles, logic needs to be used to figure out the
correct number for an edge. Example: a 4 triangle next to a 16 triangle
will have a shared edge of 4 (as 4 is the largest number in the possible
combinations for 4 triangles and 4 is the smallest number in the possible
combinations for 16 triangles).

Free 50 Program - try puzzles #201-250 for free

Java Security issue:
If you get a security warning or error trying to run Trianglons: Java upped their security with the January 2014 update and you may now have trouble running Trianglons - but there is a workaround. [If you are concerned with security: Trianglons does not read or write anything, everything is internal.] To get around the security issue, you need to open the control panel on your PC and open up Java and lower the security settings to medium and then add "" to the trusted sites list and then restart the browser.
10/18/14 New Java problem: I've been informed that the latest version of Java is again blocking the Trianglons program and the above workaround is not being allowed. Don't have a new workaround yet and suggest that you DO NOT update Java whenever they come out with a new version if you have a working Trianglons and want to make sure you can continue to run it. If someone figures out a workaround, PLEASE let me know!